Blowing in the wind

This image holds deep inside me since I was very young. A slender, graceful and elegant silhouette, clearly standing out from the surrounding landscape,  a long, silky scarf blowing in the wind. This is the way I remember my grandfather, a former tailor from London, who inspired my passion for men’s style and elegance. This long sliver of fabric will be the flagship piece of the Robert Kerr collection. THE touch of elegance for my first collection.

Entirely hand made from exceptionally smooth vintage silk dating from the 1950’s and 1960’s, Robert Kerr scarves gently caress the skin: 2.50m by 0.70m of delicate fabric to be worn with nonchalance in summer, or to surround oneself in winter when the cold rears its head once more. These timeless tightly woven fabrics have been designed and printed with ancestral craftsmanship, almost non-existent today, and with a dedication to detail on a par with the greatest tailored crafts.

Cutting, sewing, hand fraying of the fabric at both ends, triple inner seams, embroidery, gilded leather labels using gold leaf…each scarf requires more than two hours of work by several workshop “elves”. Nothing less to shape unique, exclusive, authentic products – sublimating the silhouettes of passionate dandies.

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