“In the intimacy of the workshop”

11th May. Here I am in Southern Italy, to start to work on Robert Kerr’s future collections. I will be spending a week in a workshop which has been in activity since 1920. I’m surrounded by yellowed pictures of three generations of this family of exceptional craftsmen, and hundreds of rolls of ancient silk, most of them dating from the 1950’s.

This is definitely the place where I feel most comfortable, choosing the dimensions, colors and patterns of my scarves, and carefully checking every detail of my ties with the help of workshop “elves”, the guarantors of quality with a life dedicated to excellence – a level the mechanization of the global clothing market will never achieve.

My idea of luxury comes to life – and embodies its true meaning! Here, with highly professional genuine, authentic craftsmen, able to weave 2.60 meter long scarves, yarn after yarn, for almost two hours, delicately roll silk scarves, cashmere pocket squares and sublime seven-fold ties…who patiently work with my perfectionism to adjust the details of a unique collection of pearly buttons, engraved by hand for the brand, or the location of a Robert Kerr label, with astonishing attention to detail.

Never forgetting to leave me a key for the workshop with an understanding smile on their faces, leaving me to work until well into the middle of the night.

This is how the authentic Robert Kerr brand is born: unique and exclusive products designed and handcrafted for sophisticated and passionate esthetes.