Robert Kerr “couture” ties

Due to its formal aspect, ties are unfortunately less and less worn. Nevertheless, it does remains an essential piece of clothing, part of every gentlemen’s wardrobe. In order to preserve this timeless piece of elegance, Robert Kerr strived to propose you a collection of exceptional ties, entirely handcrafted in it’s Parisian workshop. Every piece is cut, sewn and embroidered in the finest silk, wool or cashmere and entirely selftipped in the same material. A process requiring over 30% more fabric than a classic confection. Robert Kerr handcrafted ties stand out by their couture confection, namely  a hand stitched finition on the third part of the tie narrow end. This luxury confection will help you to position your tie perfectly behind your collar and to have a perfect adjustement of both ends once your knot is tied. Over 45 minutes of precise and meticulous work are required to craft a single Robert Kerr couture tie.

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