RK graved buttons: “luxe is attention to details”

It is through this leitmotif that Robert Kerr draws its desire and inspiration to create exceptional accessories with the greatest respect for craftsmanship. At this level of excellence, value of the product passes through attention to detail, perfection of the gesture sometimes centenary, and the finest materials. Robert Kerr buttons, which are carefully sewn onto every cashmere Pocket Square and seven-fold tie, are produced from exclusive Trocas mother of Pearl.

Originating from South Korea, this is a wild shell (unlike breeding shells) whose finesse and purity make it an exceptional nacre. Engraved by one of the oldest artisanal houses in Picardie (northern France), each button passes through the expert hands of our seamstresses.

With its pinkish hue, Trocas mother of pearl buttons have the particularity of slightly reflecting the light, giving each Robert Kerr fabric an incomparable touch of elegance and authenticity.