Robert Kerr hand rolled ties…

Three fold: “simplicity and elegance”
The majority of Robert Kerr ties are three-fold. This traditional form is named after its method of construction. The fabric is cut and folded three times to produce its final width and thickness. Entirely cut and assembled by hand, three-fold ties Robert Kerr offer a perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.

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Seven fold “artisanal quintessence”
Robert Kerr seven fold ties are the perfect definition of artisanal refinement. Similar to the three-fold tie construction, the fabric of our ties is folded seven times. This process requires a larger piece of fabric and rare skill that only a handful of tailors have sufficiently mastered. To highlight these exceptional handmade items, the Robert Kerr seven-fold ties are closed on both ends by engraved Troca pearl buttons. The charm and elegance of these ties will be appreciated by all.

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