Vintage Silk: “tribute to my grandfather”

It is because of my belief in authenticity and the wish to honour the memory of my grandfather that I decided to launch my first collection of scarves and ties in original vintage silk. Sixty years ago, it was through making some of these same items that my grandfather gave life to luxury accessories in his London workshop.

Entirely hand-printed in Italy, all materials used in this first collection date from between 1950 and 1960. It is rare to find such sublime fabrics, which I discovered in a small Italian workshop. A treasure for both the eyes and hands, this silk is distinguished by exceptional smoothness, suppleness and an opulence of colours that is almost impossible to find today.

Some of the fabrics were held for nearly fifty years before being sewn and embroidered, which can give them a slightly ‘rough’ appearance, but this will soften after a few wears. With the desire to preserve the authenticity of my collections, these original vintage silks will not be reprinted. They will only be available in a limited series of between five and six pieces. This is how the values and traditions of excellence will be preserved through my collections as a fitting tribute to my grandfather.

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