Made to measure

Maison Robert Kerr realizes made-to-measure men’s and women’s wardrobe in the purest traditional and sartorial spirit. Shirts, suits or coats, all creations are made with an artisanal know-how and style inspired by its founder “Robert Kermabon”, tailor in London in the 1950s.

With the aim of promoting excellence and respect for the art of tailoring, Maison Robert Kerr offers creations that are fully canvas in order to guarantee comfort, suppleness and unrivalled longevity. Authentic in its approach while pushing its desire to be unique, Maison Robert Kerr has developed its own patterns and tailoring details to delight the most demanding customers.

Hand-drawn jacket curves, sleeves and pockets, fully unlined interiors, horn buttons sewn in “pattes d’oies” style, embroidered buttonholes and other selfish details are Maison Robert Kerr signature. Trousers are not to be outdone, with the “a pistola” clamping tabs and the “in-house” pleats offering an incomparable line and comfort.

In addition of choosing the perfect fabric and stylistic details, during the first appointment we take two measurements: directly on the body like the old-fashioned way and another one using Maison Robert Kerr’s own templates.

In order to guarantee a unique experience and a level of precision close to bespoke confection, Maison Robert Kerr creates a canvas for the first fitting session. This is carried out two weeks after the measurements in order to check the perfect conformity of the measurements and to make any necessary alterations.

Once the pattern has been validated, the final confection in the chosen fabric is then launched for a delivery expected three weeks later.

The Robert Kerr experience is a journey where three meetings are necessary to bring your project to life.

Allow six to seven weeks for your suit or coat to be made, and three weeks for your shirts.

Robert Kerr works with the greatest English, Italian and Irish weavers and offers you an almost infinite choice of materials (wool, mohair, silk, cashmere, cotton, linen, etc.) and colours.

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