The Robert Kerr luxury packaging

Robert Kerr is not solely about our exceptional hand-crafted products. It is a unique experience that comes to life well before you touch our sublime fabrics or tie them around your neck. It is a journey, a journey of initiation, an ode to awaken the senses to all lovers of beautiful items. The Robert Kerr Packaging brings a touch of exclusive refinement.

Each Robert Kerr items travels in a hand-made box that has been crafted with care to delight the senses. The Robert Kerr box opens and closes like an old book, giving you the joy of discovering your precious gift, much like you would read your favourite novel.

Handcrafted in Europe, the Robert Kerr boxes are made and tinted in a superior quality, lightly textured paper that offers a very singular touch. The gold-coloured blazon is branded on the front of the box, providing a distinctive and elegant finish. The unique journey does not end here. Each of our items is carefully wrapped in a silk paper tinted gold and delicately sealed with a dark blue satin ribbon.

To make the journey even more memorable and unique, each case contains a personalised thank you card signed by hand.

At Robert Kerr, we believe that true luxury is in the attention given to detail, whether this is in the manufacture of our products or in the special relationship with you, our ambassadors.

Let “our” beautiful story go on …

Robert Kerr packaging
Robert Kerr packaging